The Story of Me.

Here you can see my Resume: Ashwak Alshami_resume (Edited)

Hi. Do you know the panicky feeling you get when someone asks you to tell them about yourself on the spot, the way you start digging through your mind trying to come up with something interesting and all you can muster up is a measly  ” My favorite color is red” kind of answer? Well, that’s how I feel right now. ^. ^ Anyways, my name is Ashwak Alshami, I’m 20 years old and a Junior at Wayne State University. I have a obsession with reading and a fascination with baking (even though I’m not any good).

These are something that I have made.
These are somethings that I have made.

I am majoring in Psychology while taking Pre-Med classes. My ultimate goal is to become a Psychiatrist. I’ve always been fascinated by how the human brain functions and why we do and response the way we do. It may seem as odd, but one of the things that steered me toward the study of Psychology was reading. YA and Paranormal fantasy that is. While I do appreciate the classics and some informative nonfiction novels, I most affirmatively am a fan of the YA and Paranormal genres.(I have written a few short stories over the years.) I think the fact that the authors must delve deeply into their minds to create alternative universes with many rules, establishments, and creations is what most fascinates me with these genres. The authors also must reason and create consequences for the actions of their characters.

Some of my favorite books ever!

While English has always been my favorite subject in school, it was not the first thing I was met with in my home life. My parents never spoke English fluently so they relied heavily and ascended on their first language, Arabic. As I was taught English in school, I was also taught Arabic at home. My parents would only speak to us in Arabic, the television shows and news was in Arabic, they even brought Arabic with them to social interactions which was at times comical, albeit embarrassing for my siblings and I. Although, Arabic was what I was taught and interacted with at home, I was completely fluent in English, in fact my teachers would say I developed my understanding at a faster rate than the other students in class. (English that is, for I have and will always despise of Math.)

When I got to high school I had pretty big shoes to fill. I am the youngest of five and by high school, I would be the last to graduate. All my siblings were members and or leaders of many extracurricular activities. My brother was the “assistant coach” and team leader of our school’s basketball and soccer teams, my sisters were in the Math (ugh) and poetry clubs, and also in charge of our school newspaper. I myself have always been an introvert and tended to hide between the pages of a book. However when I began high school, my best friend made a choice/goal that we were to join clubs and become active members of our school. We signed up for many things and participated in them, but the two clubs that most drastically changed the route of my high school years and even my life were the Student Government and the National Honor Society.

On this day, the members of NHS and I bagged breakfast bags for young children at Gleaners Community food bank.

       When I first joined the Student Government and NHS, I was really nervous to work among the upperclassmen. When I applied I wanted to get a small, insignificant role that wouldn’t make me stand out. That didn’t happen. On the contrary, I had signed myself to four years of interactions with anyone and everyone. Some of the many activities we did were going from class to class and presenting; tutoring younger students who were struggling; and running many educational activities. Being a part of all this made me realize how much I enjoy helping people. I had begun to immerse myself so much in these works, that I even began volunteering in the summer.  We helped feed the homeless, offered workshops and promoted education. Some of the organizations that I worked with were GleanersACCESS, and the 313 Project. One of the most dearest jobs I took a part in was the beautification of Romanawski Park in Detroit. This park is located near where I live and it was the one that I spent years playing in as a child.      slide_238477_1221051_free slide_238477_1220919_free

 Being Historian in the Student Government, was one of the most important reasons my writing developed. I had the duty as a freshman in high school, but I was expected to write for all the upperclassman and the administrator in charge.  As I began, I had no way of knowing how I should behave or speak during the meetings. When I first observed everyone in a meeting, I came to many conclusions. Of them, the concept of speaking, is only permitted under certain circumstances and if you request to speak in a certain way. Even though I had read the manual, which was basically the Constitution of the Student Government, I had yet to see it in action. When I actually experienced how one speaks, acts and votes for certain things, I began to take it in bit by bit. For example, when the floor was open for discussion and I had nothing to contribute or propose I had to say the phrase “I yield my time” rather than saying that I have nothing to say. Many of the rules and ways of being in the Student Government were very formal. I eventually learned the ropes of it through my attendance of every meeting and when we would have formal visits from different speakers. Believe it or not, by senior year I was President of the Student Government. I worked under an administrator and I represented the student body in a way fit for the role.

I guess I can’t tell you my whole life story, huh? Well , then here is a summary: I am what my experiences have made me. I can speak in English and Arabic. I have great time working with people. I can set my mind frame into whatever I have to.But most importantly, I am not complete because I am set to experience even more.

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